Paradise Valley: Into the woods we go...

Milo and Brody have so much energy most days, that my first thought after breakfast is "What are we doing today?" specifically to wear them out, get outside, run off some energy, find something interesting to explore. 

They are pretty bored of the usual choices, so we've had to get more creative with our outings. 

The Paradise Valley Conservation is perfect for kids, small and big. The first portion of the hike is a circle, which is a great way to gauge how far you can hike before your child is tired. The first time we came here, we did the circle 3 or 4 times and that helped me decide that we could definitely go on a longer hike. This is definitely a struggle to figure out with two kids because if they stop walking I can't physically carry them both out anymore.  

The great thing about Paradise Valley is that it's HUGE. You could make many day trips out of it. There are 13 miles of mostly flat trails. It's a great mostly flat hike.

They also have future plans to add a farmstead, which will be another reason to visit the conservation area. I would love to take the kids. 

Mushrooms growing out of logs at Paradise Valley Conservation.

We found lots of tiny mushrooms on our hike. The boys loved touching them and looking closely at their lines and colors.

Natures architechture... or "Bendy Tree."

We saw this pretty tree that had fallen between another set of trees. Making an awesome archway, like natures architecture. 

This huge rock, was a big hit for climbing and exploring. It was also a great spot to stop for a little water and snack break.

Milo and Brody ran most of the time we were on the trail. We got an excellent 4-mile hike in and the sun was beaming through the canopy and clearings. It was the perfect morning adventure.

If you're looking for something to do outdoors with or without kids, this is a great place that most haven't heard of. When you're done you can catch a bite to eat for lunch at Maltby Cafe!