Early Morning Beach Exploration

This morning not long after we woke up we took Milo and Brody to the beach. It was so much fun taking them to the beach early in the morning. 

The tide was high and coming in.

Jon walked out to the edge of these washed up trees. Wonder where they came from? 

I'm always trying to hit low tide for the best treasure hunting. But we found plenty of exploring to be had today!

I think we have topped all potential future beach treasure finds because....


WE FOUD A SHARK washed up on the beach. It was dead - no sharks were harmed by us!

Moments later we found this whole crab.

It was so BIG!!

I'm used to finding pieces of crabs strewn along the shore, but I haven't found an entire crab. 

Milo and Brody picked a few select shells and rocks that seemed to stick out to them as tokens of our outing. We always love looking at our finds.

There is definitely no better way to start your day than with some fresh ocean air. It lifts your mood and gets your mind ready for the day.

Someday it's the only place you will find me!